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Everyone has a story to tell

What's On Your Heart?

The possibilities for personalized songs and poems is endless - I write for all of the following occassions and more.​

  • Weddings

  • Anniversaries

  • Gifts for Friends, Family & Loved Ones

  • Personal Songs/Poems Just for You

  • Travels, Trips & Adventures

  • Inspiration & Personal Growth

  • Capturing Special Moments & Memories

  • Important Celebrations

  • Pets & Animals 

  • Memorials & Funerals

  • Anything Else

What to Expect

Creating songs and poetry is a personal act that connects our reality with the intangibles - those pieces of our lives that we experience and feel, but can't quite name. When we work together, my goal is to make sure what's on your heart has a voice and is brought to life.

I understand that these stories are often personal and vulnerable. During our sessions together, I aim first and foremost to make sure you feel safe, accepted, and cared about. It is always an honor for me to witness the stories clients bring and to help tell them together through art.

The sessions

To craft the story you wish to tell through a song or poem, we will meet several times to ensure you are heard. 

  • The Get-to-Know Session - (15-30 minutes) - our first meeting together will be a chance to get to know each other. You'll be welcome to ask me any questions about who I am, my process, and what to expect in our future meetings. There is no charge for this meeting and at the end we can talk about if it feels like a good fit!

  • The Consultation - (30 - 45 minutes) - this will be our chance to dive deeper into your story. During this meeting, we will talk about the details of what you want to express, how you want the song or poem to feel, and whatever is on your heart or in your mind. Following the consultation, I will work on the song and/or poem within the timeframe we have agreed to.

  • The Trust Check - (20 - 30 minutes) - once the song or poem is in its first, full draft we will meet so that you have a chance to provide feedback and edits to make sure the final product fits what you were hoping for. Following this meeting, I will complete the final product.

  • The Reveal (optional) - (15-30 minutes) - I would love to meet with you to present the final product and to say goodbye. Not everyone wants or needs this session and you are welcome to skip this step in the process, but I always feel that after collaborating on something so vulnerable it can be helpful to wrap up the project the way we started - together.

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