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To the Bottom of My Heart


Is there a reason you can’t get excited

About the cute boy with the soft lips

Who treats you to dinner without expectation

Who is easy to talk to, I mean, the guy

Is a revelation

In today’s world he’s practically a saint

And yet here you are

Taking the evening off


What about him can you not beat faster for?

Did you sense something in him

That made you wary

And you were too afraid to tell me?

No, if you were afraid, I’d know it

You, you are detached


When did you hit it? Hm?

Inhale that sweet smoke

And let your eyes glaze over

When was it that you

Broke so much that

It was better to stop

Trying to pick up the pieces

And put them back in place


Broke so much that

It wasn’t worth the effort

To keep getting hurt


Broke so much that

You needed fear

To feel love

Needed a reminder of

What it was like to be

Hurt to feel cared for


Do you want me to grip

Your arms until they are bruised

Just to remember where

His fingers sank into you


Do you want me to

Hit your head against the wall

The way it used to wake you up

From the joy of a moment

The way it used to steal it

Is that what you need?


Because you are sitting across

From a cute boy who has been hurt too

And you can’t see past

The smoke and the glaze

To even recognize it


Sometimes I want to shake you

But I know that’ll just earthquake

Those pieces and you’ll

Have to pick them up again

Then again, maybe earthquakes

Are the only way I know how

To feel comfortable

In love

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