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To the Person Who Reminded Me of My Worth


I want to be the dandelion in your hands

Waiting for you to make a wish

Wash over me with your whispers

The things you only share with

What is about to be scattered

Across some field -

The tattered parts of me

Gently carrying your echoes to the earth

Hoping that your whispers are

Listened to between the blades of grass

The wind flowing through your hair

Both of us carried the same direction

Together, in pieces


All of me carried by your breath

The way your tongue twists around secrets -

Sweet nothings

The way your lips form to scatter me -

A kiss

The one dandelions can only dream of

If dandelions dream


I want to be as lost in your words

As enwrapped in your breath

As I was before you walked through

The entire field of yellow petals

And found just the right flower


Tore me from my stem

The roots of some other person that

Always held me back


Forever impressing the deepest parts

Of your soul on to every part of me

Those wide, adventurous eyes watching

As I float back to the field

Lay your soul down with mine

Become more wishes for you to kiss

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