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The Answer

Nothing is lost in adventure

Not in wrong turns, only long ways

Around, and around you I hope

Is the wind speaking your name

Like a calling that's made of expectation,

Anticipation the wings of a hummingbird 

In your stomach.


We search for places to call home

For a day, a week, a month, the rest of our lives

Hoping we can sink into it

Begin to look like it

The way two different colored paints

Begin to mix together

Both of them taking on some hue of the other

We are never the same as when we started.


And when we find there is no end

To some distant road, only then

Will we know that we’ve always

Been home, it never left us

It was us, just forgotten in dust

The iron earth wrapping itself

Because it has never not known

What we have only just discovered - 


Our footprints, our histories unfolding in

This journey that is just a disguise we created

Needing an answer, but never finding one

Because we are already at the destination

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