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Sunset Down

Anders Live

Clips from The Hive Collective

Been Lookin

Photos by Sofia Chesney

"Cloud Atlas" at 14K ft. 

Mountains tear at the universal thread within me. Took this timelapse in the Rocky Mountains near the summit of Mt. Ida and wrote the music after I came down.

Meditate with Me
UNESCO Slam-O-Vision

Honored to have participated in this International Poetry Slam in 2019. There are some beautiful poets here and I'd encourage you to watch all of them. The poems I perform include 'Bright' (at 6:02), and 'Evaporate' (at 45:56).

Obsidian Rising

Shortly after writing 'Obsidian Rising' a friend wanted to make a video of the song in its earliest version. I can't wait to share its evolution with you, as it has grown with me over the years.

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